Subjects are buying social housing

Subjects are buying social housing:

  • Object 1: People with meritorious services to the revolution in accordance with the law on preferential treatment of people with meritorious services to the revolution.
  • Object 2: Poor and near poor households in the district
  • Object 3: Households in rural areas often affected by natural disasters, climate change.
  • Object 4: Low income people, poor and near poor households in urban areas; (Application of free business households without tax).
  • Object 5: Employees working in enterprises inside and outside industrial parks.
  • Object 6: Officers, non-commissioned officers, non-commissioned officers, non-commissioned officers, technicians, professional army men and workers in agencies and units of the people’s police and people’s army;
  • Object 7: Cadres, civil servants and employees as provided for by the law on cadres, civil servants and public employees; (Must submit photocopiable decision sheet).
  • Object 8: Subjects who have returned official-duty houses as provided for in Clause 5, Article 81 of this Law.
  • Object 9: Students of institutes, universities, colleges, vocational schools and students of public boarding schools are allowed to use their houses during their study period.
  • Object 10: Households and individuals subject to land recovery and clearance and dismantlement of houses according to law provisions but not yet compensated by the State with dwelling houses and / or residential land.



  • Not owning a house.
  • Or owns but the average use area is <10 m2 / person.


  • Household registration (where the project is implemented and does not need social insurance).
  • Or KT3 1 year or more + social insurance 1 year.
  • Or confirm one year or more temporary stay + pay social insurance for 1 year.


  • Income below personal income tax (less than 9 million / month).
  • High income but exempt from family income tax.
  • Income can not be determined or free labor.

Note: In case of husband and wife, the procedure is added to the husband / wife:


  • Income up to 9 million per month (no PIT). If the income is more than VND 9 million / month but the family allowance is reduced, after deduction of family circumstances back to the level not pay PIT.
  • If you have registered a social housing in another project, you want to buy, the customer must go to the project has previously registered to confirm no purchase with the new investor is involved.
  • If the couple has a person who is liable to pay personal income tax, the person who is named is not paying tax.
  • In cases where there are two social insurance numbers, but the last one is less than one year, it must be photocopied in advance in two books for one full year or more.
  • In cases where the enterprise owes social insurance, it must have a certificate of social insurance agencies have reported 1 year.
  • Having paid social insurance but have time but closed, they have to close one month before applying.