Reference price of apartment 1.5 billion / unit 2PN (handover finishing basic furniture advanced). Area 2PN from 61m2 – 78m2.

Average price is 23 million VND / m2, high profit opportunity in the first phase of the project (2-5% / month).


  • Put money for the apartment 50 million VND.
  • Ten days after paying an extra 150 million and signing an agreement guaranteeing Priority purchase.
  • Expected in September/2017 will complete the foundation of the project, At this time, customers will pay 20% of the total value of the apartment (Included 200 million) and sign the Purchase Contract.
  • After that, customers can choose the payment plan by January 1 period 10% of apartment value or 4 floors 1 phase 10% (5 installments = 50%).
  • Get your home paid by 25% (quarter 4/2018).
  • Get pink book Pay the remaining 5%. (About 1 year after receiving the house).

Quick payment Get a discount of 1.5 -2% on the value of the apartment.